Start accepting payments with a credit card

Over the years, we’ve accepted payments for lino Premium via PayPal, and In-App-Purchase through our iOS and Android app. Now, we’re pleased to announce that we’ve started accepting payments with your credit card. Now, you no longer need to create your PayPal account to subscribe to lino Premium. Payments will be made using Stripe, as […]

Released Apple Watch App

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve released Apple Watch App for lino. To use lino on your Apple Watch, please install iOS App for lino to your iPhone. With lino’s Apple Watch App, you can manage today’s tasks more quickly. You can check your today’s tasks on your Apple Watch, and even peel off a […]

New version of iPhone/iPad app is available

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve released the latest version of lino iPhone/iPad app. In this version, we’ve added support for Push Notification. When someone posts a sticky on your canvas or a group canvas, we send you a push notification so that you don’t miss it. And now, you can see the number of […]

Tilt stickies and make your canvas attractive!

We’re excited to announce that now you can tilt stickies on your canvas! When you hover your mouse cursor at the top right corner of a sticky, you’ll find a rotation mark appears. Drag it to tilt the sticky. Note that the pin has moved to the top middle area of a sticky. With iPhone/iPad […]

iPhone/iPad App now supports iOS 5

Download from the App Store We’ve updated iPhone/iPad App for lino to support iOS 5. It includes some other features and fixes. Supported iOS 5. Shows date beside each future and past task. Supported navigating between canvas lists and tasks by swiping. Retrieves contents from the server more efficiently. Fixed tags in multiple lines overlapped.

Updated iPhone/iPad App

We’ve updated iPhone/iPad App to 1.1.0. With this version, you can send stickies to your friends, and change a color of stickies easier by flick. Detailed changes are as follows. Supported sending a sticky. Supported copying a sticky. Supported highlighting stickies filtered by tags and due date. Supported editing and deleting a canvas. Supported setting […]

Advertise your public canvas on Facebook!

We’re pleased to announce that we integrated lino into Facebook. We added three features to lino that work with Facebook. 1. Facebook App With Facebook App, you can embed a public canvas to a Facebook page. A public canvas can be used to share stickies, images and files, and even let your friends post new […]

Join lino Premium and hide ads on your public canvases!

Ads are no longer shown on public canvases created by lino Premium accounts. We’ve decided to hide ads on all public cavases owned by lino Premium accounts. Till now visitors of public canvases have seen ads even they’ve been created by lino Premium accounts. Why don’t you join lino Premium and hide ads on your […]

Copy your ‘My Canvas’ to a group!

Now, we added a feature to copy your ‘My Canvas’ to a group. For example, you can create a new ‘My Canvas’ as a draft, and copy it to a group to share it with members once you’ve finished with it. Enjoy!

Some updates of the palette

We have added some small changes to the palette so that you can configure your canvases and favorites more easily. First, you can open the favorite preference by clicking a star at the palette when you see a public or group canvas. Second, you can open the canvas preference by clicking its name at the […]