Post a video! lino supports videos now!

lino tied up with “zoome”, Japanese video broadcasting service, and users can post video now! To post a video, click on “li+” icon () at, or drug and drop video stickies icon() on tool palette at lino, and input the URL of video page. Examples: Input “” in URL input field at video sticky […]

Blanks got displayed. Form your text as you like!

#10496 Blank lines became to be displayed on stickies. #10522 Space at the beginning of each line became to be displayed on stickies. #10597 Fixed a URL containing special characters could not be a correct link. #10488 FIxed notification E-mail was garbled on some mailers. #10380 Importing ics became easier. #10646 Tags will be copied […]

Copying stickies and notification Emails are upgraded!

Added functions #10302 Users can copy stickies to users’ own canvases now! #10342 Users can copy to users’ favorite canvases which users are able to post. #10362 Usernames are listed on copy stickies dialogue below canvases owned by others. #10365 Enabled to post stickies to user’s Favorite Canvases through bookmarklet. #10376 Users can set notification […]

We’ve applied a limitation to a number of stickies on a canvas

In some browsers, it caused an error to view a canvas with too many stickies. To avoid this problem, we’ve limited the number of stickies on a canvas to 120. If you put more than 120 stickies on one canvas, the oldest stickies will disappear. They’ll be visible again when you remove other stickies.

Dashboard is updated to be more useful.

We’ve added some features in lino. Dashboard, tags, and calender(ics) are updated, and some defects are fixed. Added features #10152 Added buttons to see more than a page of Public Canvases on Dashboard. #9454 Tag became removable by clicking on it again at editing sticky dialogue. #10310 Contents of stickies are now contained in the […]

Fixed a defect on Public Canvases

We fixed a defect that canvases which was set not to list on Public Canvases were shown on Public Canvases list. Please change canvas name to change URL of canvases unexpectedly listed on Public Canvases. We apologize for this inconvenience, and thank you for using lino!

Fixed defects in Main Canvas

We fixed the following defects Main Canvas became unable to see from others by user request. Some users felt uncomfortable with being accessible unexpectedly from others even though the contents of stickies has been invisible. We are sorry that users see 404 error page if they deleted their Main Canvas. We changed Main Canvas setting […]

We temporary stopped listing profile canvases on Public Canvases

Since lino has gotten exceeding access to show all the Public Canvases, we temporary stopped listing profile canvases on Public Canvases. To show a canvas on Public Canvases, please create a new canvas set to Public. Profile canvases will be back on public after server setting is tuned. We apologize for this inconvenience, and thank […]

Welcome to lino!

Manage your tasks (to-do), share your idea with your friends, collect photos from everyone who attended a party, and whatever you want to do! Stickies, photos, see-throughs On lino, you get to use photo stickies and see-through stickies as well as ordinary stickies of colors. You also can attach tags to stickies to organize them […]