Testing font size adjustment

There is a well-known problem that you may not be able to see the whole text in stickies when you see others’ canvases. It happens because fonts and font sizes are different from one browser to another. To address this issue, we implemented the feature to make a font smaller when the text doesn’t fit […]

lino became compatible with Firefox3!

By the latest update, lino became compatible with Firefox3. We felt it is very comfortable to use lino with Firefox3! Please try Firefox3 if you feel uncomfortable with other browsers. You can download Firefox3 from the link below. Major updates are below: #11579 Fixed a defect that right click was not working on Firefox3. #11372 […]

“lino anywhere” bookmarklet has been released.

“lino anywhere” bookmarklet has been released. By clicking “lino anywhere” bookmarklet on your browser, the stickies on your main canvas show up overlapping on the website you are browsing. To set bookmarklet, please visit Dashboard > Others > Tools. Internet Explorer 7 users need to change privacy setting to use “lino anywhere”. Please see Bookmarklet […]

Check new stickies by new function “Highlight New!”

New update on lino! Users can check new stickies on canvases! Click on “Highlight New” to see new stickies. Clicking on the red button next to “Highlight New” displays stickies around the center on your display. Continue clicking to see stickies by reverse chronological order up to 10 new stickies. Here is the keyboard shortcuts, […]