lino supports YouTube now!

Finally, lino supports YouTube to be posted on canvases! You can post a video using bookmarklet, or by inputting URL of the video page on video stickies dialogue (example: #Bookmarklet is at Dashboard > Others > Tools As a matter of course, video stickies can be treated as normal stickies. It is fun to […]

Pinning stickies, and Moving multiple stickies functions are added!

lino updated! Check out the followings. #9378 Added a function to keep stickies on the back side with a thumbtack. Pinned stickies can’t be moved. Try mouse over on upper right corner on any kind of stickies, and users will see a thumbtack. Set pinned by clicking the thumbtack, and release by clicking it again. […]

New function to receive daily E-mail on your desired time.

lino has been updated. New functions are followings. #10542 Time to receive daily E-mail became to be modified. The setting can be changed at Dashboard > Others > Notification #10564 Canvases that users have become unauthorized to see became not to be listed on Recently Seen Canvases. #10719 Stickies can be drag-and-dropped on Canvas Navigator […]