Updated iPhone/iPad App

We’ve updated iPhone/iPad App to 1.1.0.

With this version, you can send stickies to your friends, and change a color of stickies easier by flick.

Detailed changes are as follows.

  • Supported sending a sticky.
  • Supported copying a sticky.
  • Supported highlighting stickies filtered by tags and due date.
  • Supported editing and deleting a canvas.
  • Supported setting a custom background to a canvas.
  • Supported unsubscribing from a favorite canvas.
  • Supported creating a new sticky on the main canvas by shaking a device (iPhone only).
  • Supported changing a color of a sticky while editing it by flick.
  • Prohibited old stickies from being focused in the new entries mode.
  • Fixed due dates were handled incorrectly if it uses non-gregorian calendar.

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Comments (1)

  1. Are there any plans to have print functionality on the website version?

    Would really like to print my noticeboards, or a highlighted selection of them, scaled to A4. Doing it via Chrome / IE doesnt give a great result at the moment as it doesnt capture the whole board.

    Comment by Pete-Husky October 14, 2011 5:56 pm