Testing font size adjustment

There is a well-known problem that you may not be able to see the whole text in stickies when you see others’ canvases. It happens because fonts and font sizes are different from one browser to another. To address this issue, we implemented the feature to make a font smaller when the text doesn’t fit into a sticky. This is a test implemetation and we’d like to hear what you think about it. Any comments are welcome.

Other updates are as follows.

Now you can resize the right-bottom panel. It means you can hide the minicalendar while showing the navigator. Please drag the left side of the panel to resize it.

Fixed it genrated a wrong link when it contained an URL to a canvas with a fragment identifier and/or a query string.
ex) http://linoit.com/canvas/orange/Mac%20Lovers#e3694

Fixed it sent notification mail to the canvas owner even if his/her email address has not been verified.

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