lino became compatible with Firefox3!

By the latest update, lino became compatible with Firefox3.
We felt it is very comfortable to use lino with Firefox3!
Please try Firefox3 if you feel uncomfortable with other browsers. You can download Firefox3 from the link below.

Firefox 3

Major updates are below:

Fixed a defect that right click was not working on Firefox3.

Guest can edit and peel off sticky note until the user closes browser window.

Fixed a defect that link to canvases including character “&” was linked to current canvas.

lino loads newer sticky notes in displayed area of canvases now.

Error message shows up when an error occurred with canvas edit.

Fixed layout of preference and create a canvas panel on IE7.

Fixed a defect that the newest sticky note was not highlighted with “Highlight New” in some case.

Placed close button at the right top on Dashboard.

Fixed a defect that a playing video sticky was shown on the top in spite of “Highlight New” was clicked.

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  1. Sure would like to add Lino it to my 3.0 ff but can’t find it on their website. Help

    Comment by Ron August 17, 2008 4:59 am