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Useful features

Share files as you use stickies

Attach files to lino stickies and you can view the same file both at home and office. You can share the files with your family, friends, and colleagues.

Free membership allows up to 10MB of file attachment to a single sticky. The maximum total file size that can be saved in a month is 100MB, and you can download a maximum of 10 attachment files from other users’ stickies in a month.

My Page tells you everything

With a glance, get the update status of My Canvas and Group Canvases. Check the due dates on your schedule in a glance.


You can now search the text of the stickies by keywords. You’ll get a visual search result!

Dock is now easier to use

My Canvases, My Favorites, and Group Canvases can now be switched from one to the other. The stickies can be moved or copied by dragging and dropping into the canvas thumbnails on Dock.

Advanced features available for lino Premium!

Max file attachment size of 100MB
Max file storage capacity of 1GB per month
Unlimited file download
Save the pictures in their original sizes
Search all the stickies you have ever posted
Secure SSL Communication
Solid color stickies
No Ad

Embed lino

Just copy and paste the HTML and you can embed lino in your blog page!

Ten times more canvas templates available

Ten times more background templates for canvases increases the fun. By using a different color for each canvas, you can find the canvas you want right away.

Log in with your Google account information

You can now log in to lino using your Google account information.