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Free layout of your pictures and videos, Let everyone post stickies

Free layout of your pictures and movies

You can post pictures (graphics) and movies from video sites, and place them as you like.

  • Pictures (graphics)
    For lino Premium Account holders, the original data of uploaded graphics is stored in lino, which serves as photo storage.
  • Videos
     You can post videos from YouTube and Vimeo.

Show stickies to everyone

You can post your stickies to lino Public Canvases and make them available to other users. In addition, each canvas has its own URL. You can create an album containing your favorite pictures and videos with your own layout or cheat sheets, and link to them from your blog and home pages.

Let everyone post stickies

You can let everyone post stickies to your Public Canvases. Even anonymous users (users not logged in to lino) can post stickies: You can ask your blog visitors to post their comments or use the canvas as a bulletin board.