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lino Premium

With lino Premium, you can use lino’s advanced features!

Features Free Account Premium
File stickies

The maximum file size that you can attach to a sticky.

10MB per sticky 100MB per sticky

The maximum file size that you can save per month.

50MB/month 1GB/month

The maximum number of attachments posted by others that you can download.

10 files/month Unlimited
Search stickies from PC

You can search stickies on your canvases and group canvases. Free user can search in stickies posted within the last 7 days. Premium user can search in all stickies.

Within the last 7 days All
Photo Storage

When you post an image to lino, its size will be optimized. When you become a lino Premium user, the image of the original size will be saved so that everyone can view it in the original size.

Restore stickies

You can restore stickies that have been peeled off within 7 days.

Show activities in a group

Managers of a group can see activities in the group, which allows them to track who created a sticky, who peeled off a stickies and so on.


Encrypt your sessions.

Solid color stickies

“lino” logo at the left bottom becomes invisible.

No Ad

No advertisements are shown in a canvas and so on. In addition, ads aren’t shown when a free account user visits a lino Premium user’s public canvas.

Full screen

Navigation bar in iPhone, iPad and Android app will be hidden automatically.

Email support

Will support in English and Japanese.


Subscription with PayPal/Stripe

Free $3/month

In App Purchase in iPhone/iPad app

Free 1 month – $2.99
1 year – $29.99

In App Billing in Android app

Free 1 month – $2.99
1 year – $29.99