New function to receive daily E-mail on your desired time.

lino has been updated. New functions are followings.

Time to receive daily E-mail became to be modified. The setting can be changed at Dashboard > Others > Notification

Canvases that users have become unauthorized to see became not to be listed on Recently Seen Canvases.

Stickies can be drag-and-dropped on Canvas Navigator as it can be on the dock.

Canvas thumbnails on the dock can be right clicked as a link now, so it is possible to open in new window easily.

Fixed the size of creating sticky dialogue which was different between dragging from the palette and shortcut keys.

Esc key to close creating sticky dialogue became active on Safari.

Fixed a defect that URL did not become a link on IE.

Stickies can be drag-and-dropped to other user’s canvases now. Also, stickies that a user posted on others’ canvases can be drag-and-dropped.

Fixed a defect that “set due date” does not work when posting stickies on others’ canvas.

New icons are added!

Links are added at upper right on Dashboard. Access top page, forum, help, or blog page easily!

Fixed a defect that daily E-mail without any change/due date to mobile phone has been sent.

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