Copying stickies and notification Emails are upgraded!

Added functions

Users can copy stickies to users’ own canvases now!

Users can copy to users’ favorite canvases which users are able to post.

Usernames are listed on copy stickies dialogue below canvases owned by others.

Enabled to post stickies to user’s Favorite Canvases through bookmarklet.

Users can set notification Email setting by each canvas now!

These 3 settings can be chosen,
– Canvases set the publicity “Friends” in My Canvases.
– Canvases set the publicity “Public” in My Canvases.
– Canvases in My Favorites.
Settings can be modified on Dashboard.

Background image for canvases became resizable.

Added profile list on Top page.

Other Updates

Fixed a defect that object error was occuring on IE7.

Fixed a defect that dock and panel(calendar and canvas navigator) could not keep hidden.

Fixed error when importing ics file to windows calendar.

Fixed a defect that users can change transparent sticky to different color.

Changed the button text on creating a sticky dialogue that are set to “Send to your friend.”

Fixed a defect that mini-calendar was not updated when stickies are assigned due dates at sticky dialogue.

Fixed a defect that calendar was not showing by script error when users clicked on Set due date on IE7.

Updated notification Email contents in English.

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  1. i want to use Lino^^

    Comment by minju,Ryu April 20, 2008 5:54 pm