Now, we support Ustream

You can now post channels and videos at Ustream as well as YouTube, vimeo and zoome.

Try posting URLs in the format like these!


Server failure notice

We had server failure as follows.

From: May 10 2010 00:55 (UTC)
To: May 10 2010 01:55 (UTC)
Extent of impact: impossible to access lino.

While we’re investigating the cause, there is no data-loss.

We’re very sorry for the inconvenience.

Maintenance notification

We scheduled lino system maintenance at the following date.
All systems are unable to use during the maintenance.

Scheduled maintenance time
October 22th 3:00 – 4:00 PST

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Announcement: Infotera Group Reorganization and Service Operation Transferring

Dear lino users,
I would like to express my thanks for your loyal patronage.

September 1st, 2009, we Infoteria Online Corporation announces to complete the merger with parent company Infoteria Corporation.

This merger’s objective is to maximize existing resources and assets for Private Cloud as emerging market, Infoteria Group is going to cover not only SaaS business, but also On Premise business in enterprise area.

By this, operation company of “lino” will be transfered to Infoteria Corporation from September 1st, 2009.

We thank you for your understanding in this matter and for continuing to use with “lino”.


Infoteria Online Corporation

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Today, we’ve started lino Premium 60 Day Trial Campaign.

Once you get your premium account, for example, the original images will be saved when you post image stickes, and everyone can show the images in their original size.

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Maintenance notification

We scheduled lino system maintenance at the following date.
All systems are unable to use during the maintenance.

Scheduled maintenance time
July 27th 2:00 – 3:00 PST

We apologize for the inconvenience.

lino ’09 is released!

We’re pleased to announce the release of lino ’09, the new version of lino. It comes with a new interface and features that reflect usage trends and user feedbacks, and make the service even easier and more convenient not only for personal use, but also for use at schools or workplaces.

The new version’s interface has been completely revamped to make navigation simpler and easier to grasp.

Convenient new features include “File stickies” that enable the easy sharing of Word, Excel and other files, “Search stickies” for visual search of stickies, and “Embed lino” for embedding lino in blogs.

In addition to a current free service, a pay service at $3 has also been launched. Paying users can post large files with “File stickies”, search old stickies, save original image files with “Photo Storage”, and protect all lino communications with SSL encryption.

What’s New in lino ’09

Share files as you use stickies
Attach files to lino stickies and you can view the same file both at home and office. You can share the files with your family, friends, and colleagues.
Free membership allows up to 10MB of file attachment to a single sticky. The maximum total file size that can be saved in a month is 100MB, and you can download a maximum of 10 attachment files from other users’ stickies in a month.

My Page tells you everything
With a glance, get the update status of My Canvas and Group Canvases. Check the due dates on your schedule in a glance.

You can now search the text of the stickies by keywords. You’ll get a visual search result!
Dock is now easier to use
My Canvases, My Favorites, and Group Canvases can now be switched from one to the other. The stickies can be moved or copied by dragging and dropping into the canvas thumbnails on Dock.
Embedded lino
Just copy and paste the HTML and you can embed lino in your blog page!
Ten times more canvas templates available
Ten times more background templates for canvases increases the fun. By using a different color for each canvas, you can find the canvas you want right away.

More details»

Advanced features available for lino Premium!

  • Max file attachment size of 100MB
  • Max file storage capacity of 1GB per month
  • Unlimited file download
  • Save the pictures in their original sizes
  • Search all the stickies you have ever posted
  • Solid color stickies
  • No Ad
  • Email Support

More details»

Other changes

#14512 Added a feature to copy stickies with drag-and-drop
You can copy a sticky by holding down Ctrl key (Windows) or Command key (Mac) when you drop it. With holding down Shift+Ctrl or Command+Ctrl, you can copy multiple overwrapped stickies.
#15727 Changed so that you can use tags at all canvases
Now you can use tags when you post a sticky to others’ canvases. Tags will be preserved when you move or copy stickies to another canvas.
#14588 Canvas got a little larger
It became 2560×1920 pixels.
#14509 Added user list
We removed friend list and added a list of neighborhoods. They’re listed at Users at My Page, and recipients list when you send a sticky.
#14993 Added request page
Added a request page which shows requests such as an application for a group, instead of posting a sticky to your main canvas.
#14887 Added tasks page
You can see stickies with due date at Tasks page at a glance. Group stickies with due date can also be seen at Tasks at each group page.
#14503 Changed the color of Palette, Dock and Panel
Now we use different colors for Palette, Dock and Panel depending on the canvas type as follows:

My Canvases
Group Canvases
Others’ Canvases
#14706 Changed the color of the stickies on Palette
The stickies on Pallete now reflect the last used colors.
#14513 Added a feature to copy a canvas
You can copy your canvas and a group canvas. Each canvas can be copied at canvas preferences page. When file stickies are on the canvas, their storage usage will be accounted to the person who copied the canvas.
#15580 Changed the size of a user icon and a group icon
They became 72×72 pixels.
#14493 Removed “Share with your friends”
We made canvases with “Share with your friends” access “Private.” When you’re willing to share a canvas with specified friends, please use the group feature. Visit Help > About Group > How to use groups for details.
#14510 Added a popular canvas list
It lists public canvases which are accessed most frequently these days.
#14842 Show confirmation dialog before sending a sticky
Show confirmation dialog before sending a sticky.
#14301 Fixed that copying a private sticky caused a problem
Fixed that copying a private sticky to a group canvas made inaccessible sticky
#15036 Video sticky supports Vimeo
You can post videos at Vimeo.
#14517 Supports Google account
Added Google account to the OpenID icons. You can login with Google account by clicking Google icon.
#15915 Added Chrome to the supported browsers
We supports the following browsers:

We believe that lino has gotten more convenient and easy to use now. Let’s enjoy lino with your friends and colleagues!

Maintenance notification

We scheduled lino system maintenance at the following date.
All systems are unable to use during the maintenance.

Scheduled maintenance time
March 10th 7:00 – March 10th 12:00 PST

We apologize for the inconvenience.

Now, lino supports Korean

We’re pleased to announce that we added Korean to our supported languages. Since people have been able to use Korean at our site, a lot of people from Korean have used lino actively. So finally, we’ve decided to translate our site to Korean.

Those who have already used lino can change their language at the preference. To change your language, please open Dashboard and click Preferences, then select “한국어 (Korean)” at Language.

Canvases shared with your friends will become private soon

We’re planing an update early next year, and at that time, we’ll remove the function to share a canvas with your friends. All canvases that are shared with friends at that time will become private.

In order to share your canvas with your friends, please use group canvases. Please see FAQ to find how to use group canvases.