lino ’08 summer is released!

We’re pleased to announce the release of lino ’08 summer version.

The new version, ” lino ’08 summer,” provides new “group” feature for closed communication, and “dynamic appearance” feature for chat like communication. Also, lino newly supports Internet Explorer 6 to be familiar with more people.

Group feature

Users can create a group to share canvases and stickies. At previous version, users could share canvases with friends, or with everyone. New version allows users to share canvases with desired members by creating groups. Stickies posted on group canvases can be edited, moved, or peeled off by all the group members.

In addition, “Group page” is generated for each group. Group page contains group member list, group canvas list, and it has its own URL.

Group membership can be set to:
– Anyone (Approval is required by administrators)
– Invite only

By choosing “Anyone”, the group page becomes public. You can recruit group members by putting the group page URL on your blogs or web sites.
By choosing “Invite Only”, the group page becomes private. Only group members and invitees to the group can see the group page. You can invite members with Email address or lino user name. Invitation Email will be sent from the system.

Dynamic Appearance feature

lino automatically loads new stickies on the canvas you are browsing without refreshing your web browser. This new feature provides users chat like communication on lino. Automatic load happens once in 15 seconds on group canvases, and once in a minute on other canvases. The frequency of automatic load varies over time depending on the activity of posts on the canvas.

Supported Internet Explorer 6

Supports IE6 to reach more people.

Added Chinese language user interface

Users can newly choose to use Chinese on lino interface. Public canvases whose owner’s language setting is set to chinese will be shown on Chinese public canvases.

User page

This is a public page that contains username and the user’s public canvases.

Canvases set the publicity “Public” and “List on Public Canvases” are displayed on the user page.

To view user page,
– Click on the username on the palette
– Click on the user icon on stickies
Please note that user icon size is changed to 128 pixels wide and 96 pixels high. User icons from previous version are stretched, so please update your user icon if you feel uncomfortable with icon shown now.

Boxed image stickies, and shadowless image stickies

– You can post white boxed image stickies. Post image stickies with some caption!
– You can post image stickies without shadow.

The rightmost sticky on the palette

The rightmost sticky on the palette shows the colored sticky that you used last time.

Canvases in the Dock

You can choose canvases to be shown on the dock.
My Canvases:
At Dashboard > Dashboard > My Canvases, click on pencil icon, shown when mouse over canvases, on each canvas thumbnail and check/uncheck “Show this canvas in Dock”.
My Favorites:
At Dashboard > My Favorites, click on the star icon on each canvas thumbnail and check/uncheck “Show this canvas in Dock”.

Automatic hide/show Dock and Panel

Dock and panel can be hidden automatically.

Arranging stickies to the rear

For windows, hold Alt key and click on a sticky to bring the sticky to the bottom.
For Mac, hold Option key and click.

Posting stickies via Email with tags and a due date

You can post stickies with tags and a due date.
– 8 successive digits in a subject is interpreted as a due date.
– The other characters will be interpreted as tags. To set multiple tags, divide words with a space.

Example: 20080801 tag1 tag2

If you post an image via Email that contains message body, the sticky becomes a boxed image sticky.
If you post multiple images via Email that contains message body, all the stickies become boxed image stickies with the same message.

All updates are as follows.

Group feature

Dynamic Appearance feature

Supported IE6

You can choose to show each one of My Canvases in dock.
Change the setting by clicking on the pencil icon at Dashboard > Dashboard > My Canvases.

You can choose to show each one of My Favorite Canvases in dock.
Change the setting by clicking on the star icon on each canvas at Dashboard > My Favorites.

You can deal with due dates on canvases which are in My Favorites as they are on My Canvases.
Change the setting by clicking on the star icon on each canvas at Dashboard > My Favorites.

New stickies use the same font size as the last time.

Users can hide old canvases at Dashboard > My Canvases.

Arranging stickies to the bottom.
For windows, hold Alt key and click on a sticky.
For Mac, hold Option key and click on a sticky.

Adding new icons for stickies

Set background color on text area at post stickies dialog for IE.

Top page renewal.

You can add canvases to My Favorites on dashboard. Click on the star icon shown on canvas thumbnails to add/delete from My favorites.

Added links to the user/group page by clicking on user/group name on palette.

User icon on stickies links to the user page. To reply, hold Shift key and click.

Added function to set tags, a due date, and boxed image sticky vie Email.

At show the same due date view (click on the calendar when multiple stickies are set the same due date), canvas moves to show the clicked sticky.

Colored sticky used last time is shown at the rightmost on the palette.

When posting a new sticky, new sticky dialog fades in properly even if new sticky is dropped on palette.

Fixed a defect that image sticky with double bytes file name could not be posted via Email.

Fixed a defect that dock size occasionally becomes too long on Safari.

Fixed a defect that highlight new occasionally highlights more than 10 stickies.